Frequently Asked Questions

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Ascendium is a guarantor of defaulted student loans. A student loan guarantor's primary mission is to manage the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) on behalf of the federal government. Duties range from enforcing federal student loan rules and regulations to counseling student loan borrowers who may be unable to make their payments. This guarantee allows lenders to be reimbursed for loans that may default. (Federal student loans default when borrowers do not make any payments on their loans for 270-360 days and do not make special arrangements with their lender or servicer to get a deferment, forbearance, or other form of payment relief.) When default occurs, the loan is transferred from the lender/servicer to the guarantor.

Fresh Start is a limited-time program from the Department of Education to get defaulted loan(s) back in good standing.

Consolidation pays off your defaulted loan(s) with a new loan held by the Department of Education.

Paying off your defaulted loan(s) balance resolves the default.

There are a number of discharge options available, including Total and Permanent Disability Discharge. To learn more about the Total and Permanent Disability Discharge process, eligibility requirements, and how to apply, go to

For a list of discharge and forgiveness options, please go to

There are many free payment methods available, including one-time electronic payments (Pay Online), payments by phone, and check or money order payments by mail.

To make a payment in full, schedule a future payments, set up a recurring schedule or find out more about each payment method, log in to, if you haven't already.

Recurring payments can be modified or cancelled at the US Bank payment portal. From the Pay Online page, log on to the US Bank payment portal. Once logged in to the portal, select the 'My Account' tab, then choose 'Scheduled Payments'. You will see a table of all scheduled recurring payments; click 'stop' next to the ones you wish to cancel.

Don't wait to establish an affordable repayment option! You may qualify for a lower payment than you think. Log in or contact us today to find information unique to your financial situation.

If the pandemic has impacted your ability to resolve your defaulted student loans, please call 866-348-0715 to discuss your options.

We recently sent out information detailing flexibilities related to the CARES Act. Review the details from the most recent CARES Act communication.

You will be sent a copy of your 1098-E via postal mail if the interest you paid in the previous year met or exceeded $600. If you don't receive a copy you can request one by sending an email to